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Our Beginnings

The idea for my shop was started from a memory I have from being a little girl. I remember going to Kindergarten with a crayon apron where each crayon had its own little pocket. What fun it was to take them all out...and put them all back in and get them lined up just so. 

Now that I am a mom, I wanted my children to experience the same enjoyment I had as a little girl, something similar to a crayon apron but something a little more portable. Something I could quickly put in a bag to take to church, a dr. appt., or just for a car ride. A crayon apron didn't seem appropriate. So I created my own pattern of a crayon holder for my children. 

My kids loved it.  They could open the crayon holder and use/play with the crayons. When they were finished they knew exactly how to put them away and could easily tell if they had them all. I could never just “help” them roll it up - they had to do it themselves!

My family and friends saw what I had created for my children and loved it, each wanting one for their children.  They continued to give me the encouragement I needed to open my own shop and share the joy my children have found with other children.
A couple of years after opening my shop, my sister approached me about her custom order form business she was doing for local carpenters.  Working as a school secretary for 20+ years has blessed me with lots of experience in designing and recreating forms and various documents.  It was a easy transition to say yes and I soon began to offer similar products in our shop.


Life is busy being a wife and mom of five and also working full time.  Our children are also starting to become involved with many extracurricular activities.  We are also very active in our church.  We feel very blessed being able to watch our children learning new things and doing things they love and to have the ability to help others...but it also leads to a very busy life.  Being able to design custom products for our shop and customers is a stress reliever in so many ways.  It is relaxing to us!  

Our ideas keep coming so look for new products coming to our shop!  In the meantime, allow us to help you with the professional, branded look you deserve.  Whether it be our custom order forms, notepads, gift certificates, business cards, and labels in our computer product line.  Due to the busyness of life, we are closing our fabric line including bulk baby wipe covers, children's aprons, crayon holders and children's tote bag.  There may be a time when we will re-open these lines.

If you would like to be included in our newsletter to keep up to date on our latest products and what is going on in our corner of the world, please send an e-mail to  info [at]  In the subject line please type Newsletter.  You will NOT be sent spam.  We do not like those e-mails either!  We will not harass you asking you to buy our latest product!  It simply isn't our style!  Just a simple newsletter to keep you updated a few times a year.  That's all!  We promise!

Let's stay in touch!

Stay in touch!  We'll keep you up to date on our happenings, new products, and exclusive offers.  We do not send spam.  We don't like it and you don't deserve it!

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