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  • Sap bucket planters are unique and make a great addition to your home decor or garden as well as a great gift.  They measure approximately 14" high and the width at the top of the bucket is approximately 11" wide.  The bucket tapers and is narrower near the bottom.  For use as a planter, you will need to create holes in the bottom of the bucket for drainage.


    Disclaimer:  As these buckets are authentic they are not perfect.  The bucket you receive may have mild dents from use over the years, there may be some sharp edges on the edges of the seams and or around the top of the bucket.  The holes used to hang the bucket from the spout may also have sharp edges.  The inside of the bucket may also have some rust.  Addison Lane Novelties is not responsible for any injuries that may occur as a result of these sap buckets.


    These are authentic sap buckets used on Moser's Mapleridge Farm.  A four generation farm that has produced maple syrup for almost 40 years.  80% of their trees are tapped with buckets just like these.  Workers visit each tree once every two days during their busy season to collect the sap.  The sap is then taken to their sugar bush and boiled down to create maple syrup!  Visit their website at to learn more about their farm or purchase maple products made from the farm!  

    Sap Bucket Planter

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